IBM Hybrid Cloud Design goes to Seattle: insights from the 2018 ConveyUX conference

Seattle! Oh yes, and a design conference

What’s this about?

Listening to a presenter at ConveyUX

What is conveyUX?

The Emerald City is bursting at the seams with all the high-tech development. Companies big and small are opening offices here and the user experience scene is exploding. If you haven’t been to Seattle before, this is a great time to get introduced. It might rain a bit, but the temperatures are always mild. ConveyUX is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to get together and enjoy Seattle while we hash about UX.

Andrew and Troy ready for Day 1

The standouts

Andrew’s pick (Design Lead, IBM Design)
Curiosity, Skepticism, Humility: Achieving the right mindset for design discovery by Dan Brown, Co-founder @ EightShapes

Dichotomy matrix

Troy’s pick (Design Researcher, IBM Design)
Fundamentals of Jobs-to-be-done by Jillian Wells, Senior Product Researcher @ Intercom

Comparing the two schools of thought
A Job story
The four forces

Esteban’s pick (Design Lead IBM Design)
The power of Design Sprints to drive Ethical Design by Kai Haley: UX Designer, Lead of Design Relations @ Google

How Might We artifacts to explore user pain points
Value Proposition example
Iceberg Canvas example

Session time

Many designers were having trouble communicating design direction and working in cross-discipline teams. I showed how we use hills and playbacks to align in our teams and demonstrated examples from IBM Cloud Product Insights.

Andrew showing people how it’s done
Troy and me preaching

Bye rain! I mean, Seattle.

Oh yeah, bring a rain coat, the locals dislike umbrellas!

A beautiful city specially when it’s sunny



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