Do less design to become a better design leader

As the year-end gets close I take time to examine the state of my professional and personal experiences. For fear of writing about puns and dad jokes, I will keep the personal stuff out of this. This year I look at the moments of success and validation alongside the challenges, failures and semi-disasters my team went through. But as I analyze the year one thing keeps creeping into my mind: what role does my position as a design leader play in my development as a design maker?

How do I marry my desire to make with my passion for team-building and collaboration? How can I call myself a designer if I am not continuously building artifacts that end up in customer’s hands?

Finding an ego-less designer is not easy, finding multiple ones is pretty strange.

Today, I spend my days removing obstacles and noise from my designer’s way so they can do what they love and excel at. I’d like to think I’m the squeegee of process roadblocks.

Thus it’s important to consider how the designer’s role is shifting from a priority of making to one of understanding and collaborating.



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